Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get Your Art on Day 22 - Sharpie's Are WIN

So, sharpies, are a wonderful relatively cheap pen you can get from most newsagents, office works and supermarkets! they are bright they are fun, and they just make me happy. So while I waited for the boy to get home from the car servicing trip, I played with my sharpies, I have a rather large range, more black though than colours, as I use all the different sizes and tips in the black pens for various reasons, but today I went for the bright crazy colours and just had fun.

its not amazing, its not heart stopping..its just art play, and today that's ok.
tomorrow the man and I are taking the teacup humans to the zoo! so I shall art it up with the wild beasts!
photos will of course be followed up tomorrow.
pop over to Traci's Blog to check our her canvas art for the day.

have a lovely Saturday evening, I shall see you tomorrow
xoxo Courtney


  1. I love the fabulous bursts of color and pattern! You're speaking to my inner-gypsy! XOXO

  2. Ooh! Pretty results with the sharpies. Don't know how to get them in Norway though...

  3. Love the colorful doodles - always a wonderful pick-me-up!
    Jessi xox

  4. Your work is gorgeous! Found your blog through FB after you liked my fan page, LOL. Convoluted but I'm glad I did it. Lovely, lovely work!


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