Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get Your Art on Day 23 - a little detail.

I started this picture a few days ago, and today while we ate lunch at the zoo I started filling in the details, nothing major but its all the art I got in. Building shadows more of the blue background, and using my black sharpie for all the outlines where needed.

so today We went to Taronga Park Zoo with the little humans and man did we have a good time! the kids were mesmerized by the magic of the zoo animals. Here are our little ones in some new clothes my boyfriend's mum handmade for them. so so cute, she made them a few items of clothing they are just adorable.

this is the view from the sky safari we went on at the start of the day and at the end of the day, it takes you over the top of the zoo so you can see the animals from above. Fantastic view of sydney.

the Giraffes were spectacular to see! Elijah picked a soft toy of the giraffe and lily picked a Koala. I also bought them little elephant cups from the zoo shop.

the Lemars, such adorable quick little creatures! this one came right up to the window and sat there for the kids to have a good look at him before he scurried of my fave pics from the day, my man and my kids...they are perfect.

pop over to Traci's Blog for her arty photography
see you tomorrow for another little art adventure
xxo Courtney


  1. awww.... your little ones are just gorgeous... such great photos!! Taronga Zoo is just great fun hey! We have a family pass and go as often as we can and our little Max just loves it! Wow I am quite surprised that you are in Sydney actually.... cool! where abouts?.. We are in ashfield! :)

  2. Hey Courtney

    Thanks so much for replying to my previous comment and you are so kind to offer to buy the paints and post them to me.

    I actually live on the Central Coast of Australia so will be off to Big W this week to get myself a little treat, and might hand down my other colours to my almost 3 year old - no doubt he will take great pleasure in mushing all the colours together.

    Thanks again, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    PS. The Zoo is amazing isn't it, we took our little boy there a few months ago and had such a fantastical day - and the view is spectacular xo

  3. Hi Darling, the kids look like they are having a ball - so glad the trip is going well - the kids new threads look great - love lily's dress


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