Monday, July 25, 2011

Get Your Art On Day 24 - a book binders heart.

As Traci stated in her blog post wow its already day 24 almost done but not quite. Today I started laying down messy watercolours onto an ATC that I bought in a pack of 10 from spotlight, I wanted to challenge myself to work in smaller form for a few days, excuse the weird little markings on the ATC thats a little bit of my lily's work on there hehe its all layers right? playing with the watercolours on the old letters again, to rip up and start collaging them onto the ATC tomorrow me thinks then maybe one of my girl sketches, we shall see!

While I've been in Sydney I've made a few purchases, nothing major but just little things that add to my world first was a mug from typo, since the boy has just plain white mugs a girl needs a little bit of colour and girlyness to her morning tea! so for a mere $5 I bought this cute little arty mug and I adore it.
as I mentioned in a previous post, I went to a bookbinding paper store in Sydney called Amazing Paper this is where I picked up the supplies for my new little venture of journal making. I really want to get into making leather bound journals and junk journals as they have won my little paper heart.
pop over to Traci's blog to see her lovely artwork for the day! and I shall see you tomorrow with the progress on the ATC and also some random little sketches I've been doing to fill in time I guess.

xx Courtney

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