Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get Your Art On - Day 4! Remains of the Day

As I mentioned excitedly yesterday, I signed up to the remains of the day course with Mary Ann Moss, I dove into the deliciousness that was her world today with my Mum. Now as I sit here, with a broken needle on my sewing machine without a hope of finding the entire new pack I bought I thought perfect time to blog.

below is the slow beginnings of my remains of the day pages...I feel like a modern day bower bird! going through piles of papers, stacking, sorting, compiling...cutting colour coding!
a bunch of my boarder papers waiting to find their way to the sides of assorted pages. It is so much fun, its like creating worlds withing worlds, then adding personalities to them, when you fill them with your daily musings photographs, its all so *sigh* grand.

and on the inky art front, more workings on background papers, stencils strewn across my desk, stamps with ink on them, stamps with watercolour paint on them, pens sitting around randomly till they are called upon. I am the messiest artist around I swear...and my mum will wholeheartedly agree, since she is the exact opposite...and I mean that lol.

so thats my creating for the day, I have to go and buy more needles tomorrow so I can continue on my little paper journey sewing and making pretty paper worlds within itself! I shall see you tomorrow with more photos, more progress and much more art!
xx Courtney

ps for more of day 4 pop over to traci's blog!


  1. Looks like your Remains of the Day book will be lot of fun! But I don't think you are the messiest artist - you haven't seen my stamping room lately!!LOL!

  2. Your Remains of the Day book looks fun! Enjoy the process and don't worry about the mess...

  3. Love "Remains of the Day" project you are on. I must check it out. You can't be the messiest artist - I think I might be!!!
    Jessi xox

  4. I love how this is coming along. I can't wait to start.

  5. I came back for another look as this is just fabulous. I love the label that says crafty lady and that paper and photo on that page. Is there anything you are not good at?

  6. Your ROD pages are fabulous!

    I took the class last year, and I used what I learned in so many ways, not only for the ROD books. I'm in FTB right now. You'll LOVE that class, too!!


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