Monday, July 4, 2011

Get Your Art On - Day Three

Breezing through the Get Your Art on Month (she says on day three lol) I have done odds and ends art wise today! with my little ones drawing in their colouring in books for most of the day, it gave me a chance to work in my colouring book aka my art journal. Today I did a full page face, which I am slightly in love with, lots of watercolour, inktense and graphite...finishing touch was a skin toneish doily spray over her face to give a bit of a different look.
I also finished a spread in my journal that was once a horrible transfer disaster!! the image I used for the gel transfer wasnt the right ink, so it was just a horrid mess! and the page stayed an abomination for a good few weeks lol, till I re worked over it. Stencil work, outliner, inks, watercolours washii tape and a Digital image from GulfSprite's range of digital downloads found Here

and the last bit of art, was decorating envelops for my mail art penpals, I got a little behind on my letters so Im making a valiant effort to get back on track!! lots of sprays more digital images for Gulfspite, some of my silly doodling and coloured pens to create these two envelopes.
so that's me done for today! Tomorrow I head to my mums house to make a Remains of the Day Journal with my Mumma.
I signed up to the course just this morning, and watched all the vids hungrily! and all I want to do is make beautiful junky journals! the eco artist in me just booms with glee over the idea of these journals.

I'll see you tomorrow with the fruits of my art journal labours!
pop over to traci's blog to see her day three and the links to other artists.

xx Courtney


  1. absolutely beautiful I think you get better with each day in creating these wonderful little people.

  2. Wonderful wonder-ful pages, again im so glad i've found you, and manny thanks for following my blog. XOX

  3. I just popped over from Traci's blog, and am in awestruck by the beautiful, yummy layers and more layers on your wonderful pages! A pure feast for the eyes!


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