Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get Your Art On - Day 5 little paper rage

ohhhh remains of the day....WHYYYYYYY do I heart you so, when my sewing machine detests you oh so much more! thats right today I had a little paper rage! I broke 5 needles! there was lots of artistic cussing going down today! as I plodded so so slowly and so so carefully through the piles for my journal... my machine is temperamental, shes not happy playing paper sew with me! I will not let it get the better of me! I shall keep going no matter the number of needles I break until the book is completed...VIVA LA PAPER SEWING.

a few close ups of what I did today, sewing old envelope art, little tag elements, magazine pages all together to create these weird and wonderful paper personalities.

a little heart.a little rainbow fan of paper that made it through the sewing lines of DOOM, I must say they do look pretty but the price they paid to get that way, was rather high hehe.

and to calm myself down from the paper machine rage circle, I sat down with an old letter and drew a girl quickly just sketchy graphite outline, then filled her in with my really budget but totally awesome watercolours and an aqua pen. She needs a little detail with some pencils and thins, or I might leave her nice and raw and collage her into my art journal...we shall see!

so that's my artistic day, kid free luckily or the rage meter might have been a bit higher with them added to the mix.
pop on over to Traci's blog for the rest of the players and enjoy your evening. I shall spend it talking to the boy and planning our little holiday with the tea cup humans next weekend. Never fear I shall art my entire holiday!
xx Courtney


  1. Your book is coming along nicely! I love the sewn elements. Your watercolor of the girl is lovely. I just made my first portrait the other day - looks like a deer caught in headlight! Yours is much nicer!

  2. 5 needles now that is a lot of rage. Why do you think they didn't like the paper? Even with all that rage it is coming along beautifully.

  3. Courtney, your ROD pages are fabulous!

    Last year when I took the course, I managed to make my cover (which I never posted) and tons of signatures, but I never put them together in the book because I was afraid of using the sewing machine over the tough spine I had stitched. I think I'll finish that book over the summer, and maybe bind it into the cover differently. I'm afraid of flying pieces of broken sewing machine needles!


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