Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get Your Art On - Day 6 : Playing Around

nothing hugely exciting going on in the art department today, which kind of annoys me, seems I've hit a little wall, maybe the sewing rage got to me a little more than I'd like to admit. I have just been doodling most of the day trying to get something remote worth posting about, and yet nothing really came out, so here is the last drawing of the day, which ended up going home with my mum, because I didnt like her and she did. Still working over old letters, I like the way the text runs through the face, like veins of knowledge and secrets.

and as I drew this evening, my little lily was playing with her new rainbow fingerpuppet..changing her little girly voice to a puppet voice had me smiling and laughing into the evening. I thought these little puppets would be a good way for my little ones to let their imaginations grow a little, and it worked the afternoon was spent with my little ones putting on a show for me and my mum..they are so innocent at times its beautiful.

so tonight I'm going to be attempting to sew my cover for my journal, see if that happens without too much swearing and cursing and breaking needles. At least Im working with fabric this time ...with card inside lol, So tomorrow you will see the fruits of that experiment!
take care my darling arty crafty readers
pop over to see what Traci's cooking up today for her day a stunning bright journal page.

if you hear a faint scream from where ever you are...its just me...breaking more needles!
xx Courtney


  1. Love your drawing over the letter. I can't wait to see your cover I haven't started any process of mine yet.

  2. I love the drawing, and I agree. It looks lovely over the script. Love the colorful finger puppet, too!

  3. What a sweet face and the text makes her that more innoncent looking; even though it could be a secret randsom letter written in anger and anxiety but that sweet rosey cheek face doesn't give it away. I luv it!


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