Friday, July 8, 2011

Get Your Art On - Day 7...A VID!

It has been a month since I last did a video! how time slips. So below find yourself today's video for the week, lets cross our fingers that I get time next week aswell to do another one! I do enjoy making the videos, just time is never my friend.
Today for Get Your Art On, I finished off the pay below, the girl I painted a few days ago needed a home, so I glued her down and let loose.
I feel like I'm slowly getting somewhere with their faces, when I looked at her from a distance I realised that her head wasnt straight on her neck!!! I had to laugh, all you can do really lol. Focus so much on her face the rest is just legwork...wonky legwork apparently.

So yesterday I said I'd be sewing my remains of the day cover *insert mad laugher here* yes well, that didnt happen, with nights -5 the last thing this little artist is doing is sewing at her desk!! So I snuggled up and moaned to the boy how cold I was. Maybe tonight...but its already freezing so unless I layer up like a crazy woman I don't see it happening!

enjoy the video, something a little different for you for get your art on.
pop over to see Traci's beautiful journal page for today

the boy arrives tonight for the weekend which is muchly needed! I need a hug, because I'm so damn cold!!! and of course next week, we are off on a mini holiday, but I'll be bloggin! the mac and me will be bloggin from the boy's couch in Sydney! and I can't wait, mainly because I get to go to a few places like Ikea, and Amazing paper, which is a book binding place I so desperately want to visit!

take care, enjoy your friday night, rug up and make some tea!
xx Courtney


  1. The way her sweet face is positioned it just looks as if she is looking off to the side or standing to the side and looking at you. She is adorable! I'm really harsh and critical of my drawings and yet looking at them later (sometimes a lot later) I realize I wasn't being fair :)

  2. Loved the video Courtney! And the peek into the rest of your journal. Looking forward to the next one!

  3. beautiful the eyes

  4. beautiful the eyes

  5. Your girl is beautiful- I just tried my first the other day, but there is no comparison. And I like how the writing goes through her face but doesn't distract.

  6. I really enjoyed the video! You did a great job! I just love your blog. You are exceptionally honest, creative inspirational blog! I mentioned your blog at the end of my post today. I hope you get some new visitors. I also mentioned the 30 Days of Get Your Art On. I'm like you, don't like to be cold. Enjoy your mini blogging holiday!

  7. Found your blog by way of your youtube...I LOVE your videos, and your blog is so inspiring! I'm your newest follower and will definitely be back!!

  8. Hey Courtney, Pretty impressive you made a video for Get Your Art on! I love making videos too, but they sure can be time consuming. Good work!

  9. Found your blog via Rasz Art. Wow, your journal and artwork is incredible. I love the pictures of the girls you've done, they're eyes are gorgeous and have so much depth. I enjoyed looking through your past posts, as well. Very lovely. I will be following, I can't wait to see what you do next. :)

  10. Hi Courtney! Really enjoyed the video. Your girlie is beautiful and I love the writing on her face - nicely done!
    Jessi xox


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