Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get Your Art On - Day 8..backgrounds

Its almost midnight!!! but Im still in on time, with the boy here, my art time is replaced with with snuggles and laughter, but I told him 'I'm not failing art month! get comfy while I work on something' so he happily sat in bed with me as I worked on some of my background pages that will become digital downloads for my etsy store.

yes I know, not as awesome as yesterdays art! but its the process that counts right. I did draw another girl, but when I looked her over, she was part man I swear, so she didn't make it to the blog..and will be gessoed over tomorrow. unless I can save her..but man that's alot of saving!
ok I have a hot tea waiting for me, and a columbian boy in my bed..oh la la.
have a lovely evening whats left of it, and I'll see you tomorrow with something not so lame.

pop over to Traci's blog for her lovely art day post and please do stop by here tomorrow I wont be so boring with my art!
and a big hello to all my new followers! It was such a beautiful surprise to see all the lovely comments and new followers! I am humbled.
xx Courtney

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  1. Hey there! Halina from Norway here... just wanted to say hi and thank you for sharing. It's so easy to pop by your blog and get instantly inspired to do something creative :)


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