Monday, August 22, 2011

Sketching is Hard!!

Afternoon my darlings,
well its been a bit since my last post hasn't it, we are in Sydney for a week, and I finally have a moment where I can sit down and just create. Over at Wild Precious I have joined a grp dedicated to the bare bones of get out of our comfort zones and to really challenge us as artists. I thought why not! sketching is where it all begins, and with a lot of practice and constant work you gradually get better! its like anything, you keep doing it over and over you are bound to train yourself to improve. What sort of artist would I be, if all I could draw where girls faces...a one dimensional one. So this is my attempt to broaden my horizons!
So this weeks prompt was something in your kitchen... I saw three items on my kitchen table and went from, my juice from lunch, my iphone and my H lead I started sketching in a 3B, I then did some darkening with just some basic ballpoint pen, then added a little bit of shading and colour with my water paints.

it was so much harder than I expected lol, but I get the saying is true practice makes I guess I'll get practicing! Why not pop over and join us and put yourself to the test! We have all given ourselves permission to suck!

and on the topic of sucking and practicing things we aren't that great at..side faces...they are out to get me, but I will keep creating Frankenstein girls till one might just work! look at her random sized eyes lol ugh... I'll get will just take time...
that is me for the day! I'll get back to filling out the side face with more detail and maybe some colour, and I might even sketch out some more kitchen things! who knows lol.
take care make art and just live a little, take an arty risk!

xx Courtney

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