Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Artful Journal day 7

Today I was lazy, it seems that when I finally get caught up I get slack! so I havent finished my page for today but I have done the ground work, and thats better than nothing right!?

todays page in Christy's course was about nature and using actual leaves from our backyards and surrounds. This be the part I'm not up to yet!
but I did lay down the background ground work. I stayed with a page that was a stencil offcast. I needed to use the last of the ink.
I used my neo colour crayons smooshed them around, sprays, paints and the trusty brayer with some hot pink and bight yellow paint.

it looks a bit like clown vommit but the spring goddess inside of me is very happy with how this background turned out.
I might do a bit more white to sort of break up the crazy!

and for my Wednesday images, nothing fancy just a simple day and evening at home.

pop on over to traci's blog to see her art for the day for Get Your Art On.
I shall now curl up in the boys arms and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
xox Courtney


  1. Love the colour in your journal, LOVE the way you do your blog - have just subscribed :O) Can't wait to see you stuff in Jane's class :O)

  2. I love those neo color crayons.....and enjoyed a stroll down your blog!

  3. Love all that gorgeous technicolour. Am really enjoying watching your creative pursuits.

  4. What can I say ... YUM!!! Love your blog :-)

  5. Hi Courtney, i followed your link from Janes course. You have a lovely blog here. I'm now stalking you...:D
    See you at Jane's,


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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