Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Artful Journey - day 6 The White Ladies.

It's all flowers and bright bold colours today in my art journal! I finally caught up on my pages for gulfsprites course! *puffs out chest* so I am now back on track, and wont be trying to frantically stay in the game. Today was something different, flowers, big bright flowers, things I don't seem to draw at all! I'm loving the shift in what I'm working on its so refreshing.

some paints, watercolours, a ballpoint pen and a copic marker and this page was a done deal..although it took me half the day to get the balance between the yellow and the white.

next were the abstract petal flowers, where each thing was created individually on sheets of scrapbook paper. This was a stress free easy page to create, bit of paint, some spraying some outlining and glueing down and I was the proud owner of a bright and very spring looking journal layout.

and now onto my day in photos- today was about two things, food and art, if I wasnt arting, I was cooking or feeding a teacup human, or feeding the boy or myself! so these pictures are centered around that...first image top left...is the amazing 7 draw trolley the boy bought me as an early xmas present, so now I have all my supplies (that are in sydney atm) at my fingertips and I can move it with ease out of little fingers touching way.so thats my day and my art for this Tuesday.
tomorrow I will embark on a new journal page, and snap a few more photographs.
take care my dears
xx pop over to Traci's blog for her day of art for get your art on.


  1. Hi! = ) I love your blog, and your pictures add so much personality to your entries. I really love the artwork you do...and you seem to use a wide variety of mediums. I was wondering what brand of watercolors you are using? At least, the picture you've posted looks like pan watercolors? I've never used them before, and am desperately trying to get a recommendation from someone about a good brand to try. Thanks so much for the help!

  2. Hi Courtney - love the lilies - I think you should do me a piece featuring these flowers - or the red ones below- for my birthday - I would love to put some of these on my wall - (along with the pictures of the kids of course)

    love Sonya


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