Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Artful Journey - Day 8 Texture Background

One tired little artist, so my art and my photos for the day are the same thing! I know I know I hear your groans from here! I just got home from food shopping and ikea, and I'm just exhausted. Today I worked on my homework assignment for my Supplies Me Course with Jane davenport, I didnt want to get behind first week, and my leaves were drying slowly after a few coats of gel medium. The assignment was to get a textured background.

Here is my attempt - unfinished due to drying wait times! but I now have a heat gun thanks to my darling man!!

I played with distress inks as watercolours and laying them down from a clean transparency to get beautiful blocks of smudgey colour. I played with a resist technique I learn from the darling Christy in her latest Art Geeks challenge. layed some collage papers from the gulfsprite store, drew a few things and layed a girl on top, still with facial features to come.
so there is my art for the day and my photos for my Thursday! I need to crawl into bed and give this girl a face!
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  1. This looks amazing..I love the blends of colour and texture!


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