Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Artful Journey Day 10 - The sleepy artist.

What a day, we took our teacup humans to the Aquarium today, and much fun was had, the kids has so much fun, the boy an I are so so tired! and we got home rather the art tonight is minimal, I struggled to get this done as my eyes are slowly slipping closed. Today's prompt for Christys course is the layered background page, and I so want to put everything into this one, so I did the ground work and I'll continue tomorrow when I'm at my peak.

I've used some of Christy's collage sheets some magazine bits and bobs, everything i could pull from the drawers.

As well as taking the little ones to see the aquarium, my boy treated me by taking me into the city to a Japanese bookstore... and oh my what a treat it was! next time we go, I'm going to get the kids minded so he and I can just wander for a while, this bookstore was just amazing. Since I'm coming to the end of my handmade journal, I needed a backup and my darling man bought me this beautiful sketchbook as my next art journal.
I ran into spotlight to replenish my paintbrushes aswell

and for today's photos
this is the highlights from our day.

pop over to Traci's blog to see what she is creating.
Tomorrow is the man's birthday so we will celebrate with his family by having a bbq, and some cheesecake.
take care

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