Sunday, September 11, 2011

the Artful Journey - day 11- let him eat cake.

I have decided weekends are not art friendly!! I'm so late and behind but tomorrow I shall catch up tomorrow when the boy's at work...this is all I got done on my background today three more layers.

check out my cool new paint stamps I bought today, very kid friendly and very awesome for backgrounds!
I used some paint washes, and some stamps and some matte varnish so far.

thats me for the night...way tired again...
just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my darling man, may we spend many more together!!!

goodnight my darlins
I'm off to play crash bandicoot with my lover.
xoxo Courtney

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  1. Lovely journal background! Glad to have you at "Supplies Me" class ... cheers.


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