Monday, September 5, 2011

The Artful Journey - Day 5 - the ruffle

Ruffles! and pretty abstract flowers were on today's page for GulfSprite's Art Journal course. Its been so much fun pushing myself tonight I shall tackle a bunch of lilies.

the main part of the prompt was to make the ruffle as a boarder element for your page! Using your sewing machine to keep them all cute and folded. I did have a little sewing rage but I got my act together lol.
these are the two girls I drew on the drive home from Inverell, and shes almost finished I have to do some cover up work on the mumma, as little lily decided to draw two huge black lines on her cheekes..ugh I almost lost the plot! so lots of gesso and layering and I will get her back to her former glory lol

and keeping up with a week in my day...this is my Monday, watching my darling little girl play with her new dollhouse, which was mine and the boy's birthday gift to her, (her actual birthday is today) and the my catch up art day while watching a recording of the last church of art, with effy wild.
boring I know, but not everyday can be awesome and full of win!
I shall see you tomorrow for another installment of art and my day in photos.
pop on over to traci's blog to see what shes creating for her 30days
xox Courtney


  1. This is just so wonderfull, wish I had this energy. XOX doodlediem

  2. LOVE those flowers... they are gorgeous! Nothing wrong with having a lull of a day, I quite like them... allows you to recuperate and rest ones brain a bit :) Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work :)

  3. "sewing rage" cracked me up. that sums up my every experience with a sewing machine. your ruffles look cool and your flowers are to die for!


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