Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 4 - The Artful Journey.

8 hours on the road, several stops for teacup humans to go to the loo, stops for mumma to take photos and we are finally home in our Sydney home for two weeks. It was an epic trip, but we made it safe and sound, and I did some art in the car...not this page lol but tomorrow drawings were all created on the long trip..which was extremely hard with the bumpy country road.

This is my day 2 page from Gulf Sprite's Course, now with finished leaf and background, I think I will be going back over it tomorrow with some sharpie pen and a little doodling.

its just missing something...not sure what yet.

Today was fathers day in Australia, and we celebrated with a yummy bbq breakie at my mum and dad's place. I was designated BBQ wench so I cooked up some bacon, eggs, snags and tomatoes, we also had tea and croissants.
I think for me, the stillness and the tea were the highlights for me, I feel like Ive been on the go for the last month! so taking a small amount of time to just sip some tea was exactly what I needed.

Below are the photos from my day, tea, baked goods...and two shots from our long long drive.
I am rather sleepy, so I'll tuck myself into bed, and get completely caught up with my pages tomorrow now that I'm in one place for a length of time! pictures of the dollhouse and miss boo tomorrow.
Pop over to Traci's blog to see what shes up to!
I'll leave you now, with my little teacup humans.


  1. I love your leaf! And your girl, she is so sassy. And that flower is like a little bit of hope for Spring :)
    Yes, it needs that little somethin somethin to finish it, maybe some journaling? A title? I know you will figure it out though! Your wee ones are such dolls! Glad you guys made it safe and sound and you can relax (as much as a mum with two munchkins can) for a bit!


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