Friday, September 2, 2011

Artful Journey Day Two + Week in my life

A Friday, is always a cherished day in my house, one because its one of my quiet days, little ones went off to kindy..but the best when the boy arrives late at night for the weekend... so already its a good day!

But lets get to why you came here..
Day one Of the GulfSprite 30 Day Art journalling course started today, and the prompt was about the Harvest, as they are coming up to that time of year, it was a little strange as we have already passed such a time here in oz..I did a little google search, and one of the first images I saw..was a Harvest Moon...and so I began creating just that.

sketching away while I spoke to the boy, colouring her in adding layer and layer of prisma pencil, a little ink from a sharpie, some watercolour for depth finishing the page off with some dripping watered down watercolour...and some Spray ink in a coral.

it was a great experience, as these are the types of things I don't draw..or even think to draw. I must admit I did do an image search to see what wheat looked like so I could get a similarity.

I do adore her..something so sad about her and yet peaceful's probably a very good portrayal of how I am right now..
My Boyfriend said ' but the moon looks so sad!'
'dont worry my love, she wont be sad forever, I promise' and I won't
another little work in progress is a wood block I've been tinkering with from my dad, she isnt finished yet, I know that much. But I am liking her.

I was using up excess paint from a journal page, which is why the background looks so random lol but I like what came out over the background..home right two places so it's very much on my mind.
I have gotten together with a few of my dear friends to do a little project, A Week In The Life, basically documenting each day for a week. I want to create some digtal collages and print them out to make a book actually, to go into a yearly book if I am on the ball! so without further is my Friday - Mainly my morning, as I cleaned for most of my day before Lily's Party Tomorrow.

'Friday Sunlight'
The first morning rays on Friday morning. A little cold..but rather a lovely sight.

6:20am from my bed.

'Morning's Lament'
I know I have to get up...but I just don't want to
Friday Morning

'Stop for a Moment'
Just after dropping little ones to Kindy
My front yard - 8:53am

'Come in, Stay a while'
One of the most fave parts of my the door handle

so that's me for today, tomorrow there will be more art..and more week in my life photos!
oh there will be party photos!
take care..pop over to Traci's Blog for her day two (it wont be up yet, I'm a day ahead of her hehe)

leave a comment, I love hearing from you! and post your blog address if you want, I love a good blog hop at night with my tea.

take care! xx Courtney


  1. Love this post, and adoring that journal page!

  2. Very lovely! I hope you don't mind but I linked your blog post (from yesterday) on my page...regarding the 30 day challenge. What a wonderful challenge. You seem to be taking some awesome courses too! Thanks for putting those links up on your page too! Hope you have a delightful weekend. Cheers~


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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