Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Artful Journey - Day One & Creative Space

The journey of Art Saves begins, most of you who read my blog, know that this month will be my the month of the Fighting the 'Black Dog' with a paintbrush in hand and a pencil in my hair. I am determined not to fail! So This is Day 1 of Tracy Bunkers Get Your Art On and also since its Thursday..creative space day aswell...and what else oh the Art Geeks Hair Prompt and.. what no thats it till tomorrow.

So below are the bigger versions of my pre sketching a few nights ago, Christy challenged us to create three girls, with three different hair styles.. this prompt was dedicated to me, so there was no way I wasn't going to dive in, as hair and how it should look on my girls is always the worst part of the creation process...but I think my problem was not looking at actually hair styles besides the ones in my head.

so I got my prisma pencils out, as it was too cold so sit and paint, I snuggled down into bed, and chatted to the boy via video as I created these 3 very different girls. It's been such a while since I used my pencils like this, I forgot they used to be my medium of choice!

added a little bit of watercolour to them today just for something different.
Tomorrow..I also start my week in Pictures, that I'm doing with a few of my girls, which shouldn't be that hard with my picture taking for get your art I have a new printer waiting for me back in Sydney... I was spoilt, so I shall be creating like a crazy woman with prints and making a book my week in photos lots of ideas ran through my head when he told me he'd bought a new printer. squeeee..I am such a kid.

that is me for the day!
pop over to all the links in this post, lots of beauty and stunning art to look at...
I shall see you tomorrow for day two of the Artful healing Journey.
xx Courtney


  1. They are all adorable, but the bangs on the girl in the center are to die for! Love seeing them!

  2. I am a sucker for pencils too, unfortunately in my move here, one of my boxes never came and it was the one with my Derwents. *sad* I love your 3 girls, and I love that the watercolour blouses have very little detail, that way the girl's faces are really the focus. Beautiful as always. xoxox

  3. Love your drawings, very fresh and colourful. I, too, love using pencils but like you, don't use them anywhere near enough!!!


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