Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day Three - The Artful Journey - Week in the Life

I'm one very sleepy blogger. My little lily had her birthday party a few days earlier than her actual birthday so we could get back to Sydney for the boyfriends birthday with his family. So my art time today was very limited, I will be finishing the page within the next few hours while I snuggle up to my man.

Working on Day two of Gulfsprite's 30 Days of Art Journalling, was about the maple leaf...another item that I wouldn't ever use on my on accord. I've done the base work, I just need to get my background finished, and give the lovely girl some more details, then tomorrow I start work on the Ruffles!
I used lots of sprays, home made and bought, stencils, and white paint, then some finer details with my sharpie on the maple leaf.

My girl was coloured with a paper stump, prisma pencils, and watercolour paints. I'm really proud of myself, my eyes are falling out of my head, I haven't packed for sydney tomorrow, and my kitchen looks like a bomb went off! but I made the time for art, because that was a promise I made to myself, and I intend to keep it... no matter the magnitude of my day.

Day 2 On a week in my life... A are the small collages of photos of My little Lily's day.I was a very busy mumma in the kitchen this morning, icing cupcakes, making fairy bread! While my dear man made me pancakes.

Enjoy the last of your evening, Im going to sit on my bed and finish my page, so I can keep up to date with Christy's videos, its my mission to keep up.
xox Courtney

oh pop on over to Traci's blog for her get your art on post.


  1. Love the colours in your maple leaf and the girl... They look great! :) I can be hard to squish creative time into ones day but it is an necessity hey :)

  2. I think it is fabulous you made time for your art no matter what the day had in store for you. It makes everything else so much better. :) I love your girl. She is beautiful. Have a great & rested rest of the weekend.


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