Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Side Faces and Acrylic Paint.

Over on Jane's lovely little art nook, its acrylic paint week, so the last two days I've gotten into the spirit of things, using mostly paint and a little bit of inky pen and a smidge of prismacolour pencil for acents.

I've always said, side faces make me their minion, I've had the desire to draw girls from a different view than side on for longer than I care to admit.

so here is my little mermaid inspire sea goddess.

I used alot of acrylic paints watered down and layered over and over, distress stain for her hair mixed with watered down paint, some inky pen for a few little detail touches, and a little pencil for some shading where I felt it needed it.

also a hand made spray ink background, tomorrow I will add some more, I'm off to watch the last harry potter on the couch with the boy, yes I've already seen it but I don't care!

enjoy your night
see you tomorrow with more art.
x Courtney


  1. She's absolutely beautiful!! Love it.

  2. hi courtney! thanks for you kind comment on youtube. i spent some time browsing your blog and you have some amazing journal pages. you have a ton of talent! blessings.

  3. You are a special talent! Love looking at your drawings, hope all is really well with you! Regards, Nadya

  4. Oooh! Your work and blog are gorgeous!! I found you through Everpretty, and then realized (after seeing one of your beautiful journal entries below) that you are also on the WP Facebook page. So happy to find you here, xo
    (Fab photography too ;)


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