Monday, June 4, 2012

Journal Pages - Watercolour Homework.

Hello my darlings, 
I have been buried in the makings of the nook dwellers, that I had forgotten to talk about the latest journal class I've taken (yes Im addicted to signing up for classes, they are amazing ways to learn new things and also for a journal perve heeh So I've started my homework for week one with Suzi

I'm still working on this page, I think there is another face to go in here but here are some progress shots.
Using my budget watercolours, and some graphite pencil, I worked and tinkered in my journal.

some of those flowers that I adore so much...and a little nook dweller crept in before I knew what was happening!

this is the spread as it stands, with one of my index cards for the day tipped into the journal, on the opposing page, will become something ...who knows what!

and a close up of day 4's index card

Have a lovely evening my dears, open your journal and lose yours within its pages. 
xx Courtney

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  1. Awesome page. Me and Christy are doing this class too. I'm really enjoying my tower, which has taken me two weeks of tinkering so far. I think Christy's on about her 9th she loved it so much lol!


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