Friday, October 5, 2012

Blogtober Day 5!

Day 5 upon us of blogging everyday in october, and its been a hot one.
Since spring ins now in full swing, out little garden the doing just that...growing day by day we have onions, zucchini, carrots, strawberries beans and a few others...its been mine and the kids daily chore to go out and water them...amazing watching them grow from just seeds!

on the art front, I'm still working on building my pages of my eclectic art journal, bit by bit, last night I attacked an pizza add that came in the bit of paper is safe!!! I also used the odd bits of paper I was testing my foam stamps on and turned it into boarder sheets with a little bit of highlighter, a sharpie and some paint!

 I've left my post a bit late today, lots of cleaning and packing boxes and of course my workout for the day which leaves me feeling like I've been hit by a mack truck most nights... but it's for a good cause. I should make one hot bride one day.

so onto is Pencils..but not just any pencils...prismacolour pencils. Another one of my supplies I literally had to save for. I bought the box of 72 I think from memory and I haven't regretted them a day I've also bought a few new colours singly from an art store. So I dub these another investment supply. I've had them for about 3 years and only had to replace my white as it does all my blending. 

Prismacolour are a very waxy pencil, highly pigmented and go onto a page like butter. They have an amazing array of colours that would keep any artist happy.

because these pencils are so waxy blending with a light coloured pencil gives you a softened look without those pencil marks that most harder leaded colour pencils have to them. You can also use a  blending marker or a solvent to break down the wax to create an almost paint like effect. This part is magic! I have fun using my copic blending marker to smooth out all the lines to give a more polished effect.

a tip I found out from Jane, you can draw onto fabric with your prismacolour pencils,  using ur iron and heat set the pencil making it permanent! I haven't tried this tip yet, but I've seen a finished product and was highly impressed.

I have a couple of pencils that I take in my pencil case at all times, to add little touches, mostly face tint colours...they are the rolls royce of pencils! I don't have my expensive 'label' branded supplies but the ones I do have...are totally worth it.

enjoy your nights my darlings 
xx Courtney



  1. You draw such sweet faces. Thanks for Jane's tip even tough I have very few prismacolors. :) Have fun blogging through Blogtoberfest. :)

  2. Gorgeous blog, I love your art work and lucky you to have the Prisma colour pencils. I have heard that they are a true pleasure to work with.


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