Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Pages.

It has been so very hot here the last few days, the heat sucks your creativity like a wilted flower!
I have been working on somethings, nothing ground breaking, but we must always create in order for new ideas to flow through us.
I have been working on my Scrappy journal that is a free class over on christy's ning site, I watched her videos drinking in every step as I usually do when Christy makes something fun and I grabbed my glue stick and scrap bin and got to work.
here are some aspects of the pages I have developed from old drawings, to random odds and ends in my scrap tub.
my nook dwellers that I had drawn and discarded into the bin months ago, found new homes among these pages.
I have a bag of old postage stamps that finally had a use!
While I was making these, I decided I wanted to do some animal studies little journals filled with drawings and paintings of the one animal, then slowly turn them into a nook dweller, to give my hands that knowledge of an animals shape without using a reference. So I got some random junk together and make a little quick rabbit book.

just white cardstock and some old boxes that I cut down to size, little book binding thread and ta dah!
I even started drawing on the cover, which I may paint a little later...but I'm excited to go on this journey, to draw a multitude of animals till they tell me how they want to be drawn in dweller form.

after some tweaking, and a lot of unlady like swear words, I will be making some little handmade writing sets in the coming weeks...nothing like the above image, i was just seeing if I could do it myself, since finding a printer seems to be like finding a unicorn.

I am very excited.
xx Courtney


  1. Oh wow. Like the writing cards and your nooks dwellers are sure happy to get out of the stuffy box. Lol. Thanks formsharing

  2. love the rabbit book idea courtney!!! xx

  3. Love your nook dwellers! Just saw them on Instagram, they are so cute! I'd love to wear one on a t-shirt. xxx

  4. How did you bind the rabbit book? I really want to make a journal! :)xxx -Anna


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