Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Life Update.

With all the fuss over being sick! things have been slow with project life, so today I opened up iphoto and started trying to get Organized!   I did this by making albums for 3 x 4 images and 4 x6 images so I could print them in batches. I print at home so I have more control over what my images look like, it costs me more to do this, but I wouldn't change it. I ended up printing 4 a4 pages filled with 3 x 4 images 

I'm not that great with a I hand cut all my images. Yep I'm crazy but I like the control of it all, so I sit on the couch with something playing on youtube and have a cutting marathon!

I looked through my kit cards, and to be honest, I am not totally in love with the cards that came in our kit, they didn't speak to me! so after being inspired by Elise's cards that she makes herself, I opened up photoshop and got busy.
I used some of my fave quotes that I've found in pintrest, and added them as an overlay over funky backgrounds.

I also decided I wanted to make some custom cards for our engagement part of project life, at first I wasn't going to make a big fuss, just the picture I used the announcement and be done with it...but then I sat for a moment and thought, this IS a BIG DEAL! why wouldn't I want to document our engagement/proposal!  so I started making a few cards for that....

I got a little carried away, which is why my spreads aren't finished for me to show you, because I got caught up in photoshop  hehe.
I also made the decision that all my 'handwritten' cards would be done in photoshop using typewriter font for a cleaner look. John liked that idea so Ill run with it.
If I make enough 3 x 4 I might make them into a set to steps at the moment though.
so that's where I am at with my project life! I am almost all caught up, and tomorrow in my Around the nook post, I'll show the two finished spreads.
have a beautiful weekend.


  1. I am in dire need of getting organized as well. I need to do some major cleaning in my closet

    1. this is the year for it!! get in there and get it done, you will feel refreshed and energized because of it!


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