Thursday, April 4, 2013

currently crafting.

Happy Thursday!
I am having such a great time exploring a new medium of fabric and thread. I can sew, I have made 2 quilts and many quilt squares...but this is a little different.

For my birthday I asked my girlfriends to get me started with a little embroidery love...and they did a great job! I have a couple of basic books, and I've been watching youtube videos, and immersing myself in blogs on the lovely thready subject...but while I sat in the drs office last week I thought I'll just jump in with both feet and real stitches, just me trying to draw with thread. So when I'm stuck creativity in my art journal, I draw what did I do...I stitched flowers, or the start of some!
I think I will fill the hoop with flowers, no real precise technique, just me making images with thread instead of art supplies....I must say, I am loving it!

Now! another thing that is inspiring me and making me pick up a needle and thread, is the lovely and so very talented Teesha Moore.  made these videos a while ago now, and I watched them then...and I've watched them about 10 times recently! take the time to watch all 4 vids, its such a simple technique but it creates some awesome looking journal covers!

 So I got my fabrics out, and my threads and before I knew it, I was making the little pillows to make a journal cover! they are nice and relaxing to just sit and stitch on the couch. Who doesn't love a good handmade journal! Lets hope mine is half as awesome and cool as the lovely Teesha.

what are you crafting today?
share your links in the comments! I love to find new blogs, and discover who my readers are.
xx Courtney


  1. hey courtney...can't wait to see your hoop filled with flowers...i used to embroider when i was in my late teens early 20s...i also dove into cross stitch and loved it...i've also watched teesha moore's videos (all of them) and love the journal cover...i think i feel a spark under my butt to pull out my threads and fabric...

    thanks for this great post...


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