Wednesday, July 3, 2013

little update on life and the new filofax.

I've been a little bit MIA lately! and all for good reason, I've been working on commissions and playing in my art journal, plus I got the filofax bug so I was on a crazed hunt for one. When I fall for something, I fall hard, and devour videos and blogs devoted to them, so I fell down a filofax hole lol.
currently on my easel is one of a set of three of a commission for the one client.

 and with each layer, i fall a little more in love...even though I know I have to add in things I wouldn't normally add...I will be taking shots of sections that I want to preserve just for me.

I'm in a mail art group over on Artgeeks and I also put a call out for penpals over on facebook, I miss writing letters and getting little bits of love in my mailbox so I've been sitting making little index cards into postcards to fly across the skies to their new owners.

with my word for this year being organized, I did end up getting myself a filofax...after a much appreciated mermaid circus angel, offered to buy one in her state and post it to me..saving me a lot of cash. My life atm looks like this

 my beautiful leather malden personal filofax, my writing brain dump book and my art journal these three books contain my life and I love them.

I thought I'd lost my muse the other day, my mojo was gone and I was desperately trying to find it...but as a lovely woman mojo was being poured into my filo creating instead of my artjournal, and its true...I got my filo on Monday, and started making it fully mine with customized items and little 'courtney' touches.
I started by replacing the cream dividers much as I like do you know me! lol
so I used some of my scrappy journal pages I started months ago to turn into a journal and made dividers.

I also made sure I added a little of myself into my weekily pages...this is where I am atm..but I know I have done a few things since this image, mainly add more colour...because I am a visual girl and wherever I go..there has to be colour.

then I knew something was! my world is kept in photographs and I needed my filo to hold the people that ment the world to me, so i started to DIY some little photo holders out of trading card protectors I had lying around. I printed my photos to the protector size, and added washi tape boarder to punch holes in...and before I knew it, I had my family happily at the front of my filo.
so that is where I am at...making art...making art snail mail...and getting my life orgaizned and personalized. I want the filo to help me flesh out the ideas for the future of little raven ink...I am in the process of making repeatable patterns to make fabric...featuring the nook look out for that.
have a wonderful Wednesday..yes I didnt cook...but you got art and filo love! 
xx Courtney


  1. Lovf your Filofax and those sticker alphas look familiar!

  2. It all sounds good to me~
    I get that way to sometimes, throwing myself at a project or idea that I simply adore. Your filo is looking so YOU and that makes a huge difference in the honesty of its contents.
    Loving your commissioned pieces as well.

  3. Fab Filofax...LOVE what you did w/ your family photos using washi tape & atc protectors...super inspiring! As always, thank you for sharing! ~H♥~

  4. Lots of gorgeousness going on here!!

  5. I would love to do a trade with you I'm down if you are?

    1. send me an email my dear and we can sort something out
      xx C

  6. Yes, thanks to you I have a similar post coming soon. :p
    But truth be told, I've missed my filo and hadn't realised how disorganised I was without it!

  7. You and Rhomany are such enablers. I think I might join the Filofax craze soon. I'm already obsessed with the YT vids on them...


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