Monday, June 16, 2008

Coughing with your legs crossed!

Was going to post last night about our trips to spotlight and the markets, but after such a long drive there and back I collapsed on the couch with a tea and fell asleep!

Alas we did get to spotlight yesterday, was lovely to get out of the house with hubby and eli in toe, we checked out our local markets here first, see if there was anything interesting, which there wasnt, and also the local craft market at tamworth was a bit dissapointing! My boys at the markets, looking oh so cute, the beanie pauls got on was made my moi! he loves it, currently on the hook is a chocolate brown one with a soon to be cream stripe for him, im beanie wench at the moment hehe.

little man walking happily on his own tailing behind us, with a bit of bread and a smartie! lol no idea where he found a single smartie but he was chuffed he found it hehe, its so cute watching him walk by himself, hates being help now, wants to do it all by himself, hes getting too big too fast!

The damage at spotlight wasnt bad! cause of the wool sale that was on, a coffee table of wool for under 100bucks!

half mine half his, hehe love husband that want wool it ROCKS hehe.

The day was a long one for our little boy, with no much sleep in the car and two markets, spotlight lunch out, he was wrecked! and slept for a whole 20mins coming home! lol, couldnt believe it when he woke up ready to go again!

On the way back from tamworth we dropped in to see my sister and her new little girl, such a gem she is, was pauls first hold of her, and man did he get clucky!

one quick wool perve before I run down to the post office, this is what Im currently working on, newborn beanie in my other hand dyed wool, merino, dark purples with blues fadeing in and love it!

this is how it looks crocheted up! till next time in love and wool courtney xx

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