Friday, August 29, 2008

little bit of knitting

Just a quick post while Im sitting here uploading photos...

Ive spent my last few days learning new knitting skills so that I could knit this adorable little shoaker for lily and her cloth nappies! I realised she had no wool covers and with money low, I had no choice but to get my needles out and start knitting like a mad woman!

This pattern was adorable, and I knew I must knit it, but I had no skills in circular needles, grafting stiches, new increases and doublepointed needles! but I set onto learning anyway!

After a few rough starts I got my groove on and worked it out! first hurdle was the waistband...folding it over and knitting my cast on row into the row I was working on so it was seamless, alot of swearing and tantrums from me but I got it! next hurdle was learning a new increase, that wasnt too hard, just had to keep remembering not to increase the way i always have! next part...putting the gusset onto two double pointed and grafting the stiches together! this is a tecnique knitters use to make something look like its been all knitted together when really its been stiched with a needle and wool...this didnt come out as perfect as I wanted it to..but I understand how to do it, so on my next pair it should look fantastic!

Then came the legs! this wouldnt have been so bad if I owned 30cm circulars! but I dont and cant afford a pair anytime soon, so i got out my double pointed needles, brand new never been touched cause they scared the hell out of me! and I learnt to use them..knitting my legs on these! Im so proud that I made myself step out of my comfort zone to make this little project for lily, may seem small feet for some but its a HUGE deal for me!

Thats its from me for now! I need to get to work on the second one while I still have the time!


  1. Just letting you know I tagged you for a blog meme thingy :) Love love love the shoaker! Beautiful colours and wow about the DPNs!!


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