Friday, September 12, 2008

little lily mai - my darling

Its been a long week, one ending in a baby! Miss Lily Mai Brook born 5th september at 6:40pm - here is my birth story...

After all the problems I had, my dr went into bat for me and stated my case to the anethetists locally...brissy had not returned her calls, shed been calling them every 30 mins for almost two days, they kept saying we will get back to you, no one she had no one that would take me, and I was getting closer and closer to my due date, with lily not moving her hoofer out of my cervix I was a huge risk. Because of my weight, the chances of an epi actually making it through my back were minimal..and going under general was even more of a risk , which is the reason no one would take me...cause there was a good chance i wouldnt come out of it...but the anethatists finally agreed to 'try' and get the epi into me as my choices were soooo limited lol, so dr rang me friday afternoon saying ok we will try and do the epi tomorrow morning so fast blah blah, 10 mins later she rang me back..stop eating now we are going to try tonight, I sat there going omgg id spent the entire previous night and that day bawling because i had no way of getting to brissy, i was just stuffed...and now that night I could be meeting my little footling angel, another 10 mins passed I get another phonecall, can you come in now we need to get this started. So we packed the bag again, and set off lol, they took bloods and gave me the premed wash got paul into scrubs, mum looked after eli in the waiting room...and off we went...I had double the amount of staff there for the 'just in case' stuff, and they said there is a good chance it wont work, but we will try, because of ur weight yarda, and I just looked at them and said, I dont have a fat back, im a big girl but my back aint where I packing it, you'll get it in, I have no other choice at the moment, so u get that needle into my back.25 tries and alot of forgetting to breathe by me, and they got it in, at that moment paul was called in the sheet went up and within 9mins lily was born 7 pound 11 at 6:40pm was double stiched up so that i didnt tear cause of my fat, gosh they really make a fat girl feel the love didnt they!

I bit my tounge because I knew they had taken a serious risk with me and I was thankful my little girl was born, and I didnt have to travel to get her, I couldnt give her, her first feed so they expressed it into a syringe (mums boobs too big to feed lying down on her back lmao) lots of painkillers, tablet up my butt (new experience lol but worked a treat) she read the book on breastfeeding in the womb cause this girl knows what to do, sleeps like an angel does everything right lol.

I had a midwife tell me how lucky I was and I said I already know, she said that if I was to have another baby that I wouldnt be having it here...and I just stared at her, she said I seriously need to look at my weight because if lilys foot had ruputured the membrane cause the last scan the day before showed something or other, that paul would have a dead wife and dead daughter on his hands...I didnt have any words except that I nodded, then she left and I bawled. One way to ring a new mum down hey! silly bitch lol, but she gave me the slap in the face my fat self needed to work this lard that if I ever in 10 years want a third, I wont have to go through with all this nasty stuff.

My kids deserve a healthy mumma. So now I'm home, pauls besotted, lol love watching him, elis going well, few tantrums but giving her lots of pats kisses and boobs are killlling me lol feel like changin my name to fire tits lol all in all Im doing really well, no baby blues yet *fingers crossed* pauls being brilliant done all the housework, helped me get dressed changing a million newborn nappies, and taking full care of eli while im in my recovery mode... so thats me all done!

After all that its photo time!

Here is my little angel in all her newborn glory!

my little angel already knows how to act in front of a camera! 'strike a pose'

On the Wooly front, I have this stunning wool coming to me soon, as a prize for a shop naming competition! cant wait to knit lily a skirt out of it, totally in love with the colours!

Also in the mail from a friend of mine came this lovely wool

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