Thursday, July 16, 2009

Creative Space Thursday

Another Thursday creeps in with creative vibes, and this week I've spent my afternoons and late nights at the dye pots dyeing the last yarn before I take alittle break to just enjoy knitting and relaxing! It will only be a short break but I need it after dyeing so much yarn! In preperation for sending off this last lot of orders, I now custom make my tags cause I think its sweet when someone goes to that effort to make their tags, takes a little more time but its worth it.
As well as stamping my tags, I also stamp my parcel envelopes! mail art is a lost cause sometimes, but I always love it when an envelope has a little bit of artwork on the outside, so I sat down to stamp all my goddies, attach ribbon and descriptions and away I go!

Back to trying to get the last of the yarn dry, with all this rain and overcase weather, nothings drying the way its ment to this is day 4 of wet wool!
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Tea and Yarn
Courtney xx


  1. i love your blog :) just wanted to say :) yarny vibes and warmer weather xxoo L

  2. hand made tags add a really nice personal touch to a parcel :) these look really great

  3. great tags Courtney, i'm with you on this one... the personal touch goes a long way, and i love that you are decorating the evelopes too... :)

  4. oh oh oh oh! I love your "fix" for the stamp!!! It looks phenomenal. Another idea I had was to use a sharp blade to cut off the entire border, and draw one on after stamping it with a silver gel pen maybe?

    Let me know if you still need me to carve another one, darling!


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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