Monday, December 14, 2009


With ink on my fingers and a cheeky grin on my face, I escape the webs of my present life and into one where nothing can go wrong, let me show you into my world, where a little black notebook means the world. This is the front cover of my runaway land. I am turning myself from a moth into a butterfly.

if you listen quietly you can hear the paper rustle differently, its heavy with art, and beauty, how every piece of paper should sound. Filled with love.
a silly dedication to my soulmate.

an ode to stripey socks and inky swirls.

and when everything is going wrong, homeless and stressed, I looked at this image and realised there is nothing else to do but...

love the little artist.


  1. are seen you are known and you are loved so very deeply Miss C.

    may the angels watch over you and protect your heart and your family, may they smile on your skills , talents and attributes and deliver you peace and security.

    all my love L xxx

  2. Things will turn around for you my sweet and take in Lisa's words they are very heartfelt. She loves her bestie just as your Mum does chick.

  3. such beautiful art, miss. you're doing okay. you will be okay. i know it.



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