Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Creative Space - Day 20 of Get Your Art On!

Another Thursday and for once I'm on the ball! I am reaching the end of my art journal, and its such an experience..this is the first journal of any kind that I've even come close to finishing since I had kids. Its been such a journey for me. So I've been going back and finding my blank or half worked pages and filling them in before I finish the last few pages of the journal.

Today I worked in watercolour and graphite, the combo has become my absolute favourite in these last few weeks. I have created some of my most beautiful images I feel in these two mediums.
sticking to a small colour palette I sketched and began layering the 4-5 colours down to create these odd necked beauties. Instead of an aqua brush I used a small pointed tip paintbrush.. I love the way it glides the colours down onto the page.

I am not completely happy with my second girl, maybe because shes smaller and the details aren't as popped out as my bigger girl, but shes still part of the process of creating.

so there you have my creative space and my 20th day of get your art one! below you shall find the links to...
The Creative Space Hub...lots of beautiful places and blogs to get lost in.
and Traci's Blog for her post and the links to the other artists who are arting it up.

I am off to late night shopping tonight! and a spotlight trip, I am in need of some Punchenella, and there is a sale on stamps... dangerous!
then we are off to a shopping complex (a real one!!!) hehe few things I need to pick up, and I think a trip into typo just because I heart that shop, and need a lappy bag for the mac.
take care lovelies.
xx Courtney


  1. Your journel is really coming along just beautifully! Loving the colours you're using on this page! I think I may have to give graphite and watercolour together a go! Sales can be dangerous.. good luck!

  2. Wow, beautiful! Your girls are lovely and looks like you must be having fun! Go journaling! Visiting from creative spaces and glad to have found yours!

  3. What lovely girls! Love visiting your blog! Thanks for sharing your art. What kind of journal are you using? I am new to art journaling and use the strathmore visual but I like how yours is bound. Have fun shopping!

  4. Beautiful girls! I just love your artwork.

  5. Wow, I am visiting from Creative Spaces and am so glad to have found your blog. I have bookmarked it and will coming back regularly.

    Your paintings are exquisite xo

  6. Sweet and lovely, watercolors with graphite are a great duo!


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