Sunday, January 6, 2013

around the nook.

around the nook today, is me making notes on post -its for all the upcoming things for the blog. Currently working on the cooking post for we try it Wednesday's.

filling my tummy in the mornings with a Paleomg recipe - Banana Bread which is my favorite thing to do with the brown bananas no one wants to eat, of course no bread is complete without a hot cup of tea. in a deer mug.

lily boo, the budding artist. This girl fills notebooks faster than I can buy them, with her colours and 4 year old drawings, if shes quiet for too long, shes usually curled up in her room drawing...just like her mummy.

and me...on a sunday, finally in a place where I feel things are looking up, where I am happy.
have a beautiful sunday! and I'll see you tomorrow for Monday Mantra.
x Courtney


  1. your blog is looking spandangly awesome and OMG lily boo is so beautiful, I can fair see her mama in her face =) mini me in the making lol xxx

  2. Lovely happy Sunday post to start my day! And oh, YES...that's THE banana bread recipe we have fallen for in my home, too...♥..perfect w/ tea, indeed!!!

    As always, thank you for sharing... ~H♥~


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