Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Pages

The week is over, and Friday is welcomed with open arms and a little sigh, Ive been taking notes and crazily writing things down as I start work on the wonderful task of creating my own little journals/notebooks for little budding artists and writers, trying to encourage little ones to put down the gameboy and pick up a be excited by creating something.

So watch out for that!
and in the meanwhile, I've been working a little in my journals, nothing huge but still making sure I made the time to do a little work in them.
Just going over some old pages that have sat dormant in my big journal, unfinished pages that have kind of been a pet peeve to me, so the other night I sat on the couch with my pens and just played with colour and mark making. The above photo is some of my finished journals in my life held by my darling man, and a deer hehehe because we all know how much I adore them.

creating little random creatures in my journals as I gear up for my new classes over at Artgeeks! the students have been waiting so long for my classes to start up again, and since the kids start school and daycare next week I am back to having two full days to record edit and upload videos for I'm getting the ideas flowing.

and working on my rabbit book.
just playing with ideas of my little odd ball girls and a cute little bunny, just playing really, its play that gets my idea going, and right now, I need a tonne of them! this one was done on a scrap bit of paper but turned out really lovely so I'll tip her into the rabbit book.

and of course the little white rabbit I drew one night that I fell in love with! he was the first to appear in the rabbit book, so simple in his colouring, a black biro, and a light grey copic marker and that's it! but I do adore him.
this girl in the above shot, I'm not a fan of her, I kept her because its all process and progress, I drew her on a scrap bit of dictionary paper, so instead of putting her in a dark scrap bin, she got pasted into the rabbit book.

how are your journal pages going?
have a great weekend
x Courtney

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