Sunday, January 27, 2013

around the nook

It's a little wet and windy here at the moment, and our zoo trip had to be postponed, the teacup humans were very grown up about the decision which I was surprised about, but they wanted to see the animals happy and not hiding from the rain. So here are some of my snaps from during the week on whats happening around the nook.

playing with ideas, as I create the notebooks and writing papers and digital download sheets filled with nook dwellers.

making sure that I don't get behind on project life, by having pictures printed daily so that they are a constant reminder that they need to be trimmed down and popped into my album, we popped out today to grab some grey ink, we had been running low and soon my images were much too bright! (like highlighter bright) so I relented and replaced the grey ink.

some of my custom 3 by 4 cards in these spreads, about our we try it Wednesday cooking, and the kids making puzzles. 

I organize my images in two folders in iphoto, 3x4 and 4x6 so I know what images are being printed and for what pockets, I found this much easier since printing at home can be wasteful in photopaper when it comes to varying sizes. 
with the school holidays, we tend to let the kids do more electronic treats. which end the moment school starts. One of the little mans fave past times, is playing skylanders on the ipad.
with the weather being awful, there is nothing better than curling up on top of a bunch of cushions with a book, I was half way through this before I stopped for some reason, so I took it from the bookshelf and began devouring it once more.
my inside desk at the moment...yes I have several desks out in the studio, but some days it is just much too hot, so we put up a little desk inside for me to use on things I'm currently working on. My gelli prints waiting to be cut up for my scrappy journal pages, my rabbit book, some books I'm currently reading and odds and ends.

and working on that commitment of being a better friend above is a custom writing paper and envelope I worked on...maybe these will come out in the shop! who knows.

So that's whats happening around the nook.
enjoy the rest of your long weekend if you are an Aussie...and stay safe to the readers in the tornado cylone flood zones in Australia, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
xx Courtney

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