Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mantra.

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I found this mantra only a few days ago, and it jumped the que to the top of my list for sharing. It is one that is so prevalent in my life these days, I have big dreams, bigger than I could contain in my heart, and sometimes I get very overwhelmed by the magnitude of them! So much so, that I sit stagnant not doing anything to get those dreams accomplished. Now, I am trying to take baby steps, to make lists of things I want to get done, then take the steps I need to, to get them achieved. It may sound very simple..and I guess is it, but I know its not just me that gets bogged down by the big ideas we all harbor in our minds...lets take the small steps together, and before we know it..the big things wont seem so big anymore.

have a lovely monday guys
xx Courtney


  1. Lovely mantra Courtney =) 'If you have built castles in the sky. Let not your dreams go to waste, just build the foundations under them' xoxo

  2. Sounds very very familiar ....


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