Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - finding it everywhere.

I wanted to blog about finding inspiration everywhere, and that it is everywhere, we just have to look...
my little creature loving soul goes wild over this little lego nook in the side of a broken wall. To give the wall a new life, being adored instead of forgotten.
One-hundred-year-old artist Grandma Moses paints at her farm, 1960. She started painting when she was in her 70s. It took her awhile to find her artistic style. She is an inspiration that it is never too late.

if you never look up...you may miss something amazing.
or maybe...you should fall in love with books again...there are worlds ready to burst out of them
 all images found via Pintrest
 You can find inspiration anywhere...if you open your eyes a little more...and let your heart go chasing it down.
have a fantastic time finding it, I know I am
xx Courtney

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