Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Try it Wednesday - Coconut Vanilla Date Cookies.

It is Wednesday and we are back with another recipe to give a whirl, this one is very simple, mainly because the little man is going back to school so the house was a frantic mess today! so I wanted to do something simple that wouldn't take me hours to make and I found this recipe from the food lovers primal palate Today I am making the date version of the cookies. I wanted to do the chocolate ones, but I cant get the enjoy life chocolate chips at a good enough price to warrant buying them I went with the coconut date version - and I was dubious. 
I made zero changes to the recipe, as I had never cooked it before, oh I did use different dates cause I couldn't get the medjooled ones.

you are going to need.
Ingredients for the Cookies
1 Cup coconut flour
4 Eggs
touch of salt
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup of pure maple syrup
1/2 cup Coconut oil.
Ingredients for the Filling
7 Dates pitted
4 tbs water
1tbs pure maple syrup.

Get your oven on, I put mine on 180 then got a baking tray with baking paper all ready to go. Got my mixing bowl out and started putting the ingredients together. Basically this is a get it all in the bowl recipe which is right up my alley! I did whisk my eggs and sift my coconut flour, just to give it a lot of air.

 once I got all my ingredients in and mixed, it looked like this
I then used the dessert spoon to get a decent portion of the mix out of the bowl, and I rolled it in my palms to make little balls.
then I used my thumb to push a little hold in the cookie mix, like the original recipe calls for.
once I had that all sorted, I started working on the filling which wasnt hard at all.

take your dates in a bowl you dont mind putting in the microwave, add 3 tbs of water to them and pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Once they are out, mash them good with a fork, add another tablespoon of water and put them back in for 30 seconds...then mash again, add the tablespoon of maple syrup, I put them back in for another 30 seconds as my dates were being difficult, here is a dodgy photo of what they look like.
once I got it so a decent consistency I started spooning the mix into the thumbprint holes I had make in the cookies, I used a teaspoon to do this. 
I thought the mix was much to runny, and got a tad stressed..but I put them in the oven for 15 mins. Once I saw the edges browning I whipped them out.

 the date filling had hardened up to my joy and surprise hehe. 
I let them cool before letting miss lily try one.
she scoffed it, and asked for teacup humans...big tick.

Now even though these amazing cookies are paleo/primal...they are still a treat, and to be had in hips think of the maple syrup, so I had two with a cup of tea and that's it for me.

Taste: 9/10 I was very surprised with how these tasted,  I will admit when I was making the date filling, I was thinking how not appetizing it smelt. but I put my thoughts aside and I'm glad I did. These cookies taste great! All family members consumed with big smiles.
Budget: 4/10 This recipe calls for 1/2 cup of maple syrup and buying the pure stuff is pricey, so using such a large amount put this recipes rating down. Everything else was moderately priced and only smallish quantities, if I could find cheaper maple syrup the rating would go to a 7.
Repeatability: This recipe has gone down really well I can see us making these and maybe even trying to freeze some in batches. So that when I have a sugar craving instead of using it as my cheat meal, I can have one with a cup of tea and not be doing too much damage to my diet. They will be my go to biscuit for when we have afternoon tea out. Fantastic recipe, and once I get the chocolate chips I will definitely be trying their chocolate version of this recipe.
The Primal Palate have done a fantastic recipe for a treat for us paleo eaters. They have quite a few recipes I see on my to cook list!

have a great day guys, do try these ones out!
xx Courtney and John


  1. When you find a cheaper maple syrup let me know. I drink it.

  2. But you don't want to get the really cheap maple stuff that is really High Fructose Corn Syrup and maple flavor -- go for the REAL thing! It is so tasty and you won't use as much.
    Anyway my original comment (before I replied to your other commenter) was going to be that it is so great to find an art journal person who is also paleo/primal! I have been doing that for over a year and you really will feel so much better!
    And I am now signed up for your Art Geeks class and looking forward to getting going on that!


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