Sunday, February 21, 2010

a paper girl always

As the weeks have slipped by unoticed, I have been working in between the seconds of the night remembering what I always have been, a paper girl. I had an obsession with papers, notebooks, ripping, pasting and just a general love for collage. This is the year of going back to my roots, I will still be a knitter, and a yarn lover, so my blog will not be void of those lovelies, just at this moment in my life, paper has enveloped me.

I have been asked to be a designer on a ning community called 'Swap Sisters' a talented bunch of women who stamp, scrap, and create amazing works with paper & ink. These women have opened their arms to me, and are delighted to have me abord their paper pirate ship. In the coming months my little blog will be filled with a small storm of creativity as I have supplies flowing into my door. If you would like an invite to 'Swap Sisters please pop on over to the ning site or leave a comment below and the girls and I can get you on board for some play and new techniques!

I finally finished my beautiful vintage calander, and I must say...I am in love. Each month was lovinly worked on by myself in a sweet silence, adding glueing I said I really am a paper girl by heart.

I also was lucky enough to crash one of my mums craft classes on my day off from being a mum, and I got to make a little eco friendly mini album! this little album is made from the inners of toilet paper rolls! makes a perfect little pocked for shipping tags! Ive decided I love the album so much Im making one a month to track my year, hold my little photos of the kids, and write down my adventures!

Lace, paper flowers, inks and buttons are perfect embellishments for these little albums!
raid your newagent for the oldstyle shipping tags! stamp them, ink them and embellish them with ribbons, staples, bling anything of your fancy and you have a stunning journal tag for your mini.

with that, Im going to get some jumbo chalk and draw rainbows outside with my little ones.
enjoy creating this weekend, and start saving your toilet rolls!

paper heart


  1. OMG Courtney they are lovely I will lovingly keep my toilet roll holders now LOL

    YES Plesase!!!! add me to Swap sisters I would love to be involved! I have a monumental mountain of scrapbooking supplies that is just begging to be used :P

  2. omg, you are SO talented, and i think you forgot.

    LOOK at what you can DO! don't let anyone ever make you feel inferior, miss, because you have enough to offer the world without having to feel second class.

    i get to see you FRIDAY.

    i'm just a little excited.


  3. Your vintage calendar turned out beautifully! LOVE it!!! :)

  4. Courtney, that mini is fabulous, you did really well with it and you are very talented. Well Done!

  5. It warms my heart to see you blogging again my love. This is the real you sitting amongst the paper, glue, pencils, inks etc this is where you look like a true goddess. Love you chick.


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