Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Artful Journey - Day 20, Simple Things

from the teacher to the art-journal to the canvas, this is basically what's happening at the present moment. A prompt from Christy's course, translated down into my little canvas clad art journal, and now, it's being blown up onto a canvas as a birthday present.

impromptu mixing palette, my acrylic block for stamping... yes my mum was horrified as well it's ok.

and slowly the layers of paint get put down, yellows...gesso...white paint wash yellow..and so forth..till I get that the exactly level of tone... who knows when that will happen...I'm still working on the same one flower..and its day two.

Pitt Pen for the outline, then I'm going to use my dip pen and some india ink to do the smaller more intricate detailing of the petals and stems...all in between the chaos that is my 90% boxed up house.

I will admit, its nice having something to work on between the moments...to sort of ground you again...

I'm off to re watch Miss Jane's blending videos with my pencils in hand to follow on..maybe I'll have something different to show you besides the white ladies in grand size.
sleep well my dears.
xx Courtney

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